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Best of Hong Kong's beauty market at your doorstep



best local beauty and wellness brands delivered to your door

Wish Box can be:


  • An ideal last minute gift;

  • A centrepiece of any staycation, bachelorette, or a girls night in; 

  • An opportunity to tap into the rich and booming scene of Hong Kong beauty brands and services;

  • A perfect present for your loved ones!

However, we are not going to disclose the exact contents of the box to surprise you - you can have a look at the list of our partner brands to sneak peak into the possible items you might be getting! 

Our favourites

Wish Box

A collection of Hong Kong-born beauty and wellness brands curated for your night in, staycation or special occasion. Ideal gift delivered to your door step!  

Stainless Stee Face Skin Cryo Sticks For Facial Neck Eyes Massage And Eliminate Puffiness.

Wish Cryo Facial Set

The most powerful, skin-transforming tool in the comfort of your own home


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